Hi! I'm Raphael Cremer, dog behaviorist with over 10 years of experience. 

I've helped many families live a better life with their dogs and I've also worked with dogs to help people overcome their fears and help kids in different types of therapies. 

 I currently live in Luxembourg and I will help you solve any problems you might have with your dog. 

 On top of that I offer very fun services such as dog birthdays and a real Spa for dogs :) 

Many times I encounter dogs that suffer from stress and after years of trying different approaches, I came up with my own protocol for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

My approach is very fun, learning with me is like playing a game and I encourage all the family to be present! 

 Just call coach Raph and I'll gladly give you advice on anything dog related ;) 

 See you soon!!!

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